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Carolina Family Express Trackless Train

Carolina Family Express Trackless Train

    • Actual Size: 40 feet long
    • Outlets: NONE
    • Age Group: ALL
    • Attendants: Comes with Driver. Venue responsible for providing assistance with opening and closing doors on cars

    • $499.99
    • Please call to order

Trackless Train: Rent a train for a birthday party or event

Attend enough birthday parties or community events and you are likely to see a trackless train making its rounds with happy and smiling kids and adults aboard.  That is because everyone loves a train ride whether it is on a real train or a small trackless train.  We love seeing people have fun and enjoy the trackless train rental from Carolina Fun Factory.  One ride on this cute little train and you will see for yourself why it has become a crowd favorite and many NC parties and events.

Trackless train rentals for your party and event needs from Carolina Fun Factory

Kids train rental for birthday party

Are you looking for a party theme that is super cute and easy to put together?  Then a train-themed party featuring a trackless train rental to entertain your guests is the answer.  With so many fun party decorations available and fun foods to serve at your party, all you need to pull this choo choo party theme together is the bright and cheery trackless train rental from Carolina Fun Factory. Your Thomas the Train-themed birthday party will not be complete without our trackless train rental.  Provide rides for guests of all ages around your neighborhood and enjoy the nostalgia of a train ride.  Young and young at heart can ride the trackless train rental together making this the perfect family-friendly entertainment activity.

Why you need a trackless train rental at your next event

Communities everywhere are creating events that appeal to families and looking for event rentals that will appeal to a broad spectrum of guests.  A trackless train rental from Carolina Fun Factory provides just the right activity that will accommodate a large crowd.  The colorful train cars with bench seating provide a unique experience that allows families to participate together.  The trackless train rental can be used as a shuttle at your event making it easier for your guests to access areas that may be hard for some to walk.  The trackless train rental is perfect for HOA events where the neighborhood comes together to enjoy its community.  There are many parks and recreation directors around North Carolina who have hired the trackless train for  events which everyone really enjoys.

$499.99 for up to 2 hours

Each Add'l Hour is just $100.00

Occupancy 4 Riders per car or
Max weight of 400 pounds per car
What's Included

Carolina Family Express Train

3 covered train Cars during hot weather. 

An additional "coal car" with open roof seating may be added on during the winter months for an additional flat rate of $100.00

Trained/Licensed Operator

Railroad Crossing Sign

Customer Requirements

Level, firm surface away from traffic. NO HILLS!

Volunteer to assist guests as they enter/exit train cars

If you do not have a volunteer then you may hire our staff to open/close doors at $40.00 per hour

Parking Please provide an area for truck/trailer to park where it won't get blocked in by event guests

The Carolina Family Express Trackless Train rental is an authentic, premium Roundhouse built trackless train.  Guests of all ages will enjoy the opportunity to ride this trackless train at your event. The cars of this colorful trackless train have padded, bench-style seating for the comfort of your guests.  The doors feature locks from the exterior for the safety of the riders.  Parents and children can ride together which provides an extra measure of safety and will also create lasting memories for all of your guests.  Each car can seat a mix of adults and children.  The total ride capacity is 4 passengers per car, or a total of 400 pounds per car, which makes this a great choice for large events with numerous participants.

Pulling the trackless train is a premium, gas-powered engine in the "Pacific" theme.  Your guests will enjoy the realistic train sounds such as the "chug-chug" engine sounds and the distinctive bell and horn sound reminiscent of its' larger locomotive cousin.  The bright headlamp also lights the way as your event extends into evening hours.

Because this is a gas-powered, trackless train it is also able to be operated over a variety of flat surfaces.  From a parking lot to a grassy lawn, this train can be utilized in numerous event applications to provide entertainment or also a shuttle service for your guests.

Safety is always our top priority here at Carolina Fun Factory.  That is why your trackless train rental from Carolina Fun Factory will always come with a licensed and insured driver.  For large events, we also bring our own stanchions to created a train "station" for crowd control.

There is no wrong time of the year to have a trackless train rental at your event but there is something even more magical about a train ride during the holidays!  We are extremely honored to be included in many community events that happen around our wonderful state of North Carolina with our very special little train. 

The Carolina Family Express Trackless Train makes a great shuttle service for your guests.  Event planners who utilize the trackless train for shuttling guests at larger venues always proclaim how delighted they are to be able to offer this service and the outstanding feedback they receive for having this part of the event well thought out.

Do you want a quote for this item?  That's simple! Just give us a call or send an email inquiry and let us know about your event and your location.  We will be happy to guide you on adding a trackless train rental to your location.

If you are looking to put together a package that includes other items then you may keep looking around the website and add as many items as you wish.  One of our most popular packages that include the Carolina Family Express Trackless Train is the Choo Choo Party Package.  That package already includes a discount and other most requested items that go along with a train rental, so we encourage you to check that one out. If you need any other package put together for your event then please don't hesitate to reach out to us and let us customize a package for you!

Most event planners will call us directly for a quote and that is fine, we really enjoy getting to meet our planners over the phone to discuss key items such as budget, location, number of expected attendees, and what other needs might arise that we can help with.  

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