20X20 White High Peak Tent Rental

Tent Rental 20X20


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Setup Area: 30ft X 30ft Level Ground (No Concrete)

Actual Size: 20ft X 20ft

Age Group: ALL


High Peak Tent Rental

20X20 White High Peak Tent

White Party Tent Rental

A 20X20 White Top Commercial Frame Tent Rental from Carolina Fun Factory will add shade and protection to your next event.  This beautiful, classic tent offers your guests protection from rain, wind, and sun...the weather is always right when you have a tent rental planned for your event!  This is the perfect addition to your backyard party, corporate event, festival, garden party, or any special event you are having.

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Outdoor Event Space

Carolina Fun Factory provides complete and professional setup and takedown of your 20X20 White High Peak Tent Rental and can set up in a field for a rustic event or in a neighborhood for an urban gathering.  You will never run out of room when you host your event in an outdoor event space using a tent to provide shelter.  You will let us know upon reserving what the setup area is like, and then we will take it from there to bring the right anchoring to keep your party tent rental securely in place. Tents are temporary structures and may require a building or fire permit in some situations.  The person renting the tent is responsible for finding out about any permitting needed for tent setups and is also responsible for covering the costs of any permitting, inspection fees, or any other incidental fees associated with rental items at your location. 


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The 20X20 party tent rental is a versatile sized tent that works great for many applications.  When additional seating is needed for up to 54 guests (depending upon table and chair layout) then this tent will serve those needs really well and allow plenty of "elbow room" for guests to enjoy being near each other, without being "on top" of each other.  If you are still unsure whether or not a 20x20 party tent rental is right for you then please take a look at the chart below.  This chart will give you some ideas about how to arrange seating under your party tent rental:
table layouts

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