White Tent Globe Lighting Strand

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Actual Size: 25 ft long per strand

Outlets: 1

Age Group: ALL


White Tent Globe Lighting Strand


Light up the night and add a touch of class with White Tent Globe Lighting Strands that attach right to the tent.  These lights add just the right amount of light to softly illuminate the area under the tent and allow guests to enjoy their time spent outdoors at your event.  The bulb is a soft white globe bulb that stays cool to the touch but yet provides quite a bit of ambient light.

Single Globe example from strand of tent lighting

The strands of tent lights connect together to provide one continual loop of lighting.  The strands of tent lights clip onto the edge of the tents and provide bright perimeter lighting for added safety for your guests.  Because the lights plug into each other to create a long strand the need for multiple outlets is elimated.  You will need to provide an electrical source and an extension cord for the plug end of the tent lighting strand to plug into.  If you are setting up in a field and an outlet is not available then please add on a generator to provide power for the lights.

Tent lighting provides a safe environment allowing guests to have better visibility in the tent at dark

The number of strands of tent globe lighting that you will need is dependent upon the size of the tent that you are wanting to illuminate.  Please note that tent lighting rentals are NOT available without renting a tent also from Carolina Fun Factory. Use this chart to help you select the number of strands that you will need to light the tent that you are renting:


Tent Lighting Guide
Size of the Tent I'm Renting From Carolina Fun Factory Number of Strands of Globe Tent Lighting I need to Select
10 X 10 Canopy 1
20 X 20 Frame Tent 2
20 X 40 Frame Tent 4





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