Ring Toss Carnival Game Rental

Ring Toss Carnival Game Rental


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Ring Toss Carnival Game Rental

Ring Toss Carnival Red Box Game Rental

Step right up and test your luck and skill with the Ring Toss Carnival Game.  This carnival favorite test hand and eye coordination and your patience!  Colorful, plastic, 3-inch diameter rings are tossed at the rows of pegs with the goal of getting the ring on the peg...a lot harder to do than it sounds!

You will need to provide the attendant for this attraction and set up needs to be in an area where onlookers wont be behind the player.  Adult supervision is required at all times.

Many venues will provide a small prize for each player to show participation.  This provides a great opportunity when used at a business location to hand out your promotional material.  Prizes are NOT provided by Carolina Fun Factory for this game at this rental rate.  Please indicate in the Customer Comments section, or contact our office at 910-986-4774 if you will need prizes to give out to players of this game.

Please note that this is not a stand alone rental item but is generally added onto a package of rental items.  We are more than happy to discuss your event details and assist you with coming up with a package that will appeal to a broad range of participants.


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