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Retro Games Package

Retro Games Package

    • Outlets: 4
    • Age Group: Best suited for Kindergarten aged players and up
    • Monitors Required: 4

    • $999.99
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Retro Games Event Rental Package

retro game package

Your favorite retro games in one easy to reserve event package

Bring back the memories with this event rental package that is full of the games that brought kids together from all over the neighborhood to spend hours playing together.  Those games that kids looked forward to playing are now life-sized with the added attraction of being able to literally get in the game. This amazing games package is not only value priced with a built-in savings of approximately $50.00 but it is also priced to keep for up to 5 hours.  Look what's included in this rental:

Inflatable Velcro Wall in Retro Colors

velcro wall rental 
Players put on a set of overalls which is the hook portion of the hook and loop closure and then get a running start to jump and then propel themselves onto the sticky wall.  Friends and family will laugh at the different positions that players get themselves stuck into and laugh even harder watching the player try to pull themselves free.  This game comes with a variety of different sized jump suits to fit kids through adults.  Game requires one electrical outlet within set up area.  Adult supervision is required.

Life size Twister Inflatable Game

inflatable twister game

If you were a child of the 1970's and 1980's then you certainly remember this game that involved boys and girls bending, stretching and reaching for the color called out before the next player got it.  This game is so much better in so many ways because now it is a giant inflatable air pillow with the color circles stitched to the top.  Requires one electrical outlet near the set up location.   Adult supervision is required.

Life Sized Hungry Hungry Hippo Inflatable Game

human hungry hungry hippo

Don't lose your marbles with this modern version of a retro favorite.  Who remembers those hungry hippos and having to smack down the lever as fast as you could to catch those marbles?  If you loved that old game then you will certainly appreciate the fact that you are now the hippo in this larger than life event game rental.  Requires one electrical outlet near the set up location.  Adult supervision is required.

Human Whack a Mole is a Carnival Game Favorite

human whack a mole

Those pesky moles just keep popping up all over the place and you have got to be quick enough to pop them before they duck back down into their little mole hole.  But wait, there is more!  Now the moles are grabbing the balls that are in a trough surrounding the defender in the middle and you have got to be quick enough to grab them before being seen and ultimately popped on the head.  Not hard of course...after all it is just a game.  If you loved playing Whack A Mole at the fair as a kid you will love this game and love watching others play it even more.  Comes with the balls, soft mallet and headgear for the moles.  Requires an electrical outlet near the set up location.  Adult supervision is required.

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