Popcorn Machine

Popcorn Machine


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Monitors: Adult Operation Only

Outlets: Requires 1 three pronged outlet on stand alone circuit


Popcorn Machine Concession Rental


What better way to treat your guest than to make a fresh batch of delicious popcorn.  Our popcorn machine rental is commercial quality and capable of making large batches of popcorn per hour.  The warm, buttery smell will be sensed for many feet away when the kettle starts popping on the machine.  The process of getting the ingredients into the machine is very simple because we provide all-in-one packets with pre-measured amounts of butter, salt, and kernels. 

We rent popcorn machines for birthday parties, school carnivals, church festivals, and public events.  


Important Notes:

The Popcorn Machine requires access to an electrical outlet within 3 feet of machine or you may need an extension cord to make sure that you can reach the electrical outlet.  Please be sure to add an extension cord rental to your cart if needed! 

If you do not have electrical access to the area where the Popcorn Machine will be operated then you will need a generator.  Please be sure to add a generator rental to your cart if needed.

Please provide a sturdy table to set the machine on.  Please be sure to add a sturdy table rental to your cart if needed.

 Popcorn Machine may be operated by an ADULT only.  Please be sure that children can not reach the machine as there are moving parts which could be dangerous and the heating elements do get very hot. 


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