Interactive Lights - Table Version

Interactive Lights - Table Version


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Monitors: 1

Outlets: 0 - Sealed Air Table!

Age Group: 6+


Interactive Lights Game Table Version

Gather your group together for a fun and energetic game that will bring out the competitive spirit in everyone.  This is the Interactive Lights Game but set up in a table top version.Unlike a video game truck rental, you have more control over the times to play the Interactive Lights because it is set up at your location for your convenience.  Your guests can play a few rounds, take a break, then come back to play again and again when you and your guests are ready.  All you need are good friends and Interactive Lights from Carolina Fun Factory and your event is primed for a great time!

No more boring weekends with "nothing to do"...Carolina Fun Factory has answered the question of what there is to do with our new line up of interactive games for rent.  

No matter what your occasion is, you won't go wrong with this fun, exciting, engaging, competitive game rental.  Interactive Lights is a test of speed and hand/eye coordination.

How it's Played:

1 - Gather a group of fun loving folks together
2 - Divide into two teams
3 - Pick a color (Red Team or Green Team)
4 - Set the controller on the electronic scoring system to which style game you're playing for that round
5 - Ready...Set...GO!  


It's Game On! once the music starts and the lights start flashing.  Three different game scenarios can be played to keep the fun going.  The electronic score board will keep track digitally of how many times the Red lights were hit and how many times the Green lights were hit.  The timer counts down and at the end of the round the Winner is announced!



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