Inflatable Dry Slide Rental 15ft

Inflatable Slide Rental


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Actual Size: 24L X 14W X 15H

Monitors: 1

Outlets: 1

Age Group: 3+


Inflatable Slide Rental

Inflatable Slide Rental from Carolina Fun Factory

The Inflatable Slide Rental 15ft is in vibrant colors of purple, yellow, red green making it the perfect addition to any carnival-themed party where you would like to have an all-inclusive activity for a variety of ages.  School event and church events use this single lane slide for the younger crowd so that the older kids and adults can have the bigger slides with less waiting for young children.  The inflatable slide rental at just 15 feet tall is also the perfect size to fit inside of my gymnasiums or the hybrid gym/cafeteria.  This dry slide rental is perfect for cooler months where you still want the fun and thrill of an inflatable slide rental but you don't want guests to get wet.


Don't forget to add the Fun Foods to your shopping cart.  After guests climb and slide numerous times they will be glad to have these classic refreshments available.

  • The Inflatable Slide Rental 15ft rents DRY only.  Water on the unit will incur additional cleaning costs.
  • Requires 1 three-prong electrical outlet on aseparate circuit within 75 feet for blower power.  
  • Requires level ground with no overhead obstructions such as power lines or tree limbs.

  • No sliding head first, rider should be seated on their bottom, arms folded across chest and slide down feet first.
  • No double sliding on any single lane slideNo riders sitting in another rider's lap
  • Landing area should be clear before next person slides down.


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