Grand Carnival Booth Rental

Grand Carnival Booth Rental


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Setup Area: 24'W x 12'L x 13'H

Actual Size: 20'W x 8'L x 12'H

Monitors: 1

Outlets: 1

Age Group: Fun For All Ages!


Grand Carnival Game Booth Canopy Rental

Grand Carnival Game Booth Canopy Rental


Elevate Your Event with the Grand Carnival Game Booth Canopy Rental

Experience a new level of event sophistication by incorporating the Grand Carnival Game Booth Canopy Rental. Discover the versatility of this rental item through a curated list of ways to seamlessly integrate it into your occasion.

1. Ticket Sales Hub

Transform the booth into a centralized point for hassle-free ticket transactions, ensuring a smooth entry process for attendees.

2. Efficient Registration Station

Utilize the booth as a registration hub, streamlining the check-in process and enhancing the overall organization of your event.

3. Delightful Concession Booth

Infuse a touch of carnival charm by turning the booth into a vibrant food station, offering a variety of fun and tasty treats.

4. Interactive Carnival Games

Set up tabletop carnival games to keep guests entertained and engaged, creating an interactive and enjoyable atmosphere.

5. Prize Distribution Center

Designate the booth as the hub for distributing prizes, adding an element of excitement for participants and winners alike.

6. Themed Photo Booth

Enhance the event's memorability by converting the booth into a themed photo station, providing attendees with unique and shareable moments.

7. Informational Hub

Display event details, schedules, and announcements at the booth, serving as an informational hub for attendees to stay informed.

8. Mini Marketplace

Showcase merchandise or event-related items within the booth, creating a mini marketplace for guests to explore.

9. Meet-and-Greet Zone

Arrange celebrity appearances or meet-and-greet sessions within the booth, offering a designated space for special interactions.

10. Charging Station

Provide a convenient charging spot for attendees to power up their devices, ensuring everyone stays connected throughout the event.Unleash the full potential of the Grand Carnival Game Booth Canopy Rental, making every aspect of your event a memorable and engaging experience.


  • Outside Dimensions: 20’W x 8’L x 12’H
  • Inside Dimensions: 18’W x 6’L x 7’
  • Blowers: 1
  • Weight: 200 Lbs.

*Games, prizes, and lighting not included at item level.  Games, prizes and lighting are ordered separately.*



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