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DeWalt DG 2900 Generator

DeWalt DG 2900 Generator

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Portable Gas Powered Generator Rental

If you are setting up at a park or in a remote area where power may be limited then please remember to add a portable gas powered generator to your shopping cart.  The DeWalt DG2900 Gas Powered Generator is a smaller rental unit that provides power to one electrical device. The largest inflatables are inflated by a 2HP blower and this generator will work for up to a 2HP blower.  If you need to power more than one device then please ask about larger gas powered generator rentals. 

The operating time of this generator rental on a full tank of regular, unleaded gasoline is 4 hours.  If your event will exceed the 4 hour operational time of this generator rental period then you will need to provide your own fuel can with regular, unleaded gasoline for refills of the portable generator to continue with operation.  Please note:  The inflatable device MUST be evacuated, the blower turned off and the portable generator shut down for refilling.  Once refilled, you may then restart the generator and turn back on the blower, then once the inflatable device is reinflated your guests may continue to use the ride.

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