Big Top Toddler Town

Big Top Toddler Bounce House


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Setup Area: Length: 31ft X Width: 31ft X Height: 17ft

Actual Size: Length: 21ft X Width: 21ft X Height: 15ft

Monitors: 1

Outlets: 1

Age Group: 1 - 4


Big Top Toddler Town Bounce House

Little tykes can have a big-time too with the Big Top Toddler Town Bounce House.  There is a ball pit inside and a climb and slide designed for a toddler.  The lower sidewall around the inflatable makes it easy for mom or dad to view and reach over to assist their child if need be.  Another great feature that you will only find in the Big Top Toddler Town Bounce House rental are stalls where those toddlers who are just beginning to walk can hold on to handles to help them stay upright but still use their legs to jump in place.  All the safety, all the fun


Big Top Toddler Town Bounce House Inflatable Rental
















Circus Themed Bounce House for Toddlers

Your toddler and their friends will have a great time letting their imagination come alive inside of the Big Top Toddler Town jump castle that is designed especially for this age group.  An assortment of activities including a ball pit, a small slide, and friendly circus-themed pictures that this age group really seems to enjoy.  Lots of fun spaces to crawl through and over keep them moving and interested in self-led play activities.




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