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Toddler Barnyard Party Package

Toddler Barnyard Party Package

    • Outlets: 2
    • Age Group: ALL
    • Attendants: 2

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Toddler Barnyard Party Package

Toddler Barnyard Party Package

Farm Themed Birthday Party Bundle

  • Toddler Barnyard Petting Zoo Bounce House
  • Popcorn Machine
  • All supplies to make 50 delicious servings of popcorn
  • 12 heavy-duty white chairs
  • 2, six-foot long tables
  • And you get to keep it for up to 5 hours for one low price!

Toddler Birthday Party Package

Marking the milestones in your child's life are so important.  The first birthday is a major milestone that parents enjoying celebrating with grandparents, aunts, uncles, and a small surrounding of friends.  Other than smashing a cake into their face for some super adorable (and messy pictures) the celebration is relatively easy to pull off.

Planning A Toddler Birthday Party
Now that your baby is older, they are more social and will enjoy a toddler birthday celebration! But, before you go overboard with the shenanigans, here’s something to keep in mind about toddler birthday parties: Toddlers and preschoolers are still easily impressed (and some are easily frightened) — so don’t feel pressured to throw the biggest party of the year at this stage in their life.

Toddler fun in a safe, controlled environment designed just for them


Farm Themed Birthday Party

Your toddler and their friends will have a great time letting their imagination come alive while they take care of their "farm animals" inside of the Barnyard Petting Zoo Toddler Unit that is designed especially for this age group.  An assortment of colorful animals such as a spotted puppy and a funny goat add a playful element that this age group really seem to enjoy.  Lots of fun spaces to crawl through and over keep them moving and interested in self-led play activities.
Slide inside of the Toddler Unit keeps the kids contained


Birthday Parties, Play Dates and More!

The Toddler Barnyard Party Package is perfect for not only your toddler's party with little friends, but also makes a great activity for a play date with mothers of preschoolers.  The popcorn machine that comes with all of the servings you'll need to serve 50 bags of delicious popcorn to your guests will keep the hunger away with this yummy snack food.  Since you'll have a group at your party the two 6-foot tables and the 12 heavy duty chairs will insure that everyone has a place to sit down for a snack.  This party package has everything you need to have a fun "down on the farm" day with friends.


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