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Milk the Cow

Cow Milking Game Rental

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Cow Milking Game Rental

An old fashioned carnival requires a Cow Milking Carnival Game rental.  This life sized cow will be a big attraction at your county fair themed festival or party and keep the laughs coming.  

Cow Milking Carnival Game

Cow Milking Game Carnival Rental

Caroline the Cow is a life sized Holstein cow replica that has a bucket with four bottle attachments that holds water.  Two players will sit on opposite sides of the cow milking carnival game and fill their bucket with water to see who is the best cow milker in the barn.  Thank goodness this isn't a real cow because they sometimes like to kick over the buckets.  Once each competitor has their milked the cows bucket until it is empty they will then compare to see who got the most water into their buckets to be declared the winner of this hilarious carnival cow milking game.


Because the bucket in the cow milking game is filled with water you should expect the ground around the players to get wet as well.  Keep this in mind if you are hosting an event that will be held indoors because your flooring could become very wet.  The bucket that is the cow milking games udder will need to be refilled with water after each round of contestants play so there will need to be a water source nearby that can easily be used for refilling the bucket with water.

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