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Drizzle Toddler Water Slide Rental 6ft

Drizzle Toddler Water Slide Rental 6ft

    • Actual Size: 23' L X 9' W X 13.5' H
    • Setup Area: 33' L X 19' W X 18" H
    • Outlets: 1
    • Age Group: 2-5
    • Attendants: 1

    • $299.99
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Drizzle Toddler Water Slide Rental

All of the fun that your toddler will want to have in a pint-sized water slide that is just the perfect size to allow your toddler the freedom to have fun on their own but with the safety features that parents want.  This cute little water slide for toddlers features a water slide that is just 6-ft tall at the top of the slide.  Just four easy steps to climb make it the right size for your adventurous toddler to enjoy.  A splash pad landing that collects just a few inches of water awaits their descent down the slide.  Water slides that have deep pools at the end are not safe for toddlers, so the splash pad option can give concerned parents the peace of mind they need while giving their adventurous toddlers the fun time they're desiring.

Blue Toddler Water Slide Rental

Small Blue Toddler Water Slide

Drizzle the Water Slide Rental for Toddlers stands an overall 12-foot tall at the arch over the water slide.  This arch offers shade at the top of the 6-foot landing at the top of the slide as well as provides safety from little ones standing up at the top of the slide platform.  This small blue Single-Lane Water Slide with splash pad is geared towards toddlers who are at least 2 years old and up to about 5 or 6 years old (depending upon their size).  Please view our other water slide options if you're entertaining guests over the age of 6 years old.  The shorter climb to the sitting platform and the shorter slide to the cool splash pad below make this the perfect water slide for smaller guests.  For events where guests over 6 years old will be in attendance, you may want to reserve this unit for the toddlers and a larger combo with a water slide or a water slide at a 15-foot tall Water Slide with a pool for the older youth and adults.  (It is NOT recommended that parents and older kids use this slide, the weight of an older child or parent may just throw them over the end of the splash pad and onto the ground)

Front view of Drizzle Toddler Water Slide Rental from Carolina Fun Factory

Toddler Sized Backyard Water Slide

 Toddlers will navigate their way up the easy climb to the top of the landing pad where they will slide down to the cool awaiting splash pad at the bottom. Your oasis of cool refreshing fun awaits on this fun-sized water slide rental that is a great fit for most backyard parties.  
You can package this toddler water slide with any other water slide or combo water slide and use the coupon code: PACKAGE for a discount on both!

Toddler Water Slide with Splash Pad

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