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Drizzle Toddler Slide Rental 6ft DRY

Drizzle Toddler Slide Rental 6ft DRY

    • Actual Size: 23' Length X 9' Width X 13.5' Height
    • Setup Area: 33' Length X 19' Width X 18" Height
    • Outlets: 1
    • Age Group: 2-5
    • Attendants: 1

    • $199.99
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Drizzler Toddler Slide Rental 6ft DRY

Inflatable Toddler Slide Rental from Carolina Fun Factory

The Drizzle Toddler Slide Rental stands just 6ft tall at the top of the landing and the slide goes down into an inflated landing pad making this a safe, yet fun, option for the toddlers.  When hosting an event that has an array of guests, including toddlers, nothing is worse to parents than having to wait with an impatient little one who wants to do what their big brother or big sister is doing, but can't.  Little kids should have the size and age-appropriate slides that they can enjoy without getting run over by big kids.  Also when you try to let the little kids play on a slide intended for bigger kids, then the line gets 'clogged' if a little kid starts up a bigger slide and then gets scared.

Don't forget to add the Fun Foods to your shopping cart.  After guests climb and slide numerous times they will be glad to have these classic refreshments available.

  • The Drizzle Toddler Slide Rental 6ft rents DRY only.  Water on the unit will incur additional cleaning costs.
  • Requires 1 three-prong electrical outlet on a separate circuit within 100 feet for blower power.  
  • Requires level ground with no overhead obstructions such as power lines or tree limbs.

  • No sliding head first, riders should be seated on their bottom, arms folded across chest and slide down feet first.
  • No double sliding on any single lane slide.  No riders sitting in another rider's lap
  • The landing area should be clear before the next person slides down.

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