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Blue Tsunami Party Package

Blue Tsunami Party Package

    • Outlets: 2
    • Age Group: ALL
    • Attendants: 2

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Blue Tsunami Party Package

Water Slide Rental Package

Blue Water Slide Rental with concessions and seating makes a backyard water park

Make a splash with the Blue Tsunami when you rent this popular water slide rental.
Look what's included in this rental:

  • Blue Tsunami Water Slide
  • Sno Cone Machine (You supply the ice)
  • 1 Popular flavor snow cone syrup
  • Pack of 50 Sno Cone Cups
  • Two 6-foot tables
  • 12 chairs
  • You get all of this for UP TO 5 HOURS!

Don't miss your chance to rent the water slide that is taking backyard parties by storm!  The Blue Tsunami Water Slide is 18ft of wet-n-wild fun!  Guests will ascend up the ladder which offers both sturdy footholds and handholds to the wide landing at the top.  Safety netting completely covers the top under the giant wave of water that comes down over your head!  Once seated, be sure to be ready because it's one fast ride to the bottom where a splash down pool awaits.


The sleek design of the Blue Tsunami Water Slide allows it to fit nicely inside of most backyards.  Don't be afraid to have those summer parties.  The North Carolina heat is no match for the wave of refreshing coolness that is ready to crash into your event.

 Host the best birthday party, family reunion, church gathering, summer camp, company picnic or corporate event ever with the inclusion of the Blue Tsunami Water Slide and many other of our great, rental items.



To add even more cool refreshment to your event, the Blue Tsunami Party Package comes with a snow cone machine + all of the supplies needed to make 50 servings of summertime's favorite frozen treat!  (Don't forget to buy the ice as that is not included in the rental)  Be sure to plan a set up area that is no more than 3ft from a grounded, 3-prong electrical outlet and have a table ready. Or, you can rent those items from us separately and let us handle the set up for you.  Plan ahead to have an adult designated as the "operator" of the snowcone machine as it can not be used by children.  The Snow Cone Machine is designed to grind your bagged ice into the finest, softest "snow" that is perfect for drenching with yummy snow cone syrup!  


Don't worry about wet guests running in and out of your home as this package also includes 12 heavy duty chairs and 2 tables that are six foot long each.  All of the fun (and the wet swimsuits) can stay outside to enjoy your event!  Be sure to help your guests keep their cool by adding on a pop up canopy to your order to keep them in the shade as they enjoy the refreshments.  

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